The Covid Chronicles: April 24

April 24, 2020

Here in Dallas County, we still have more folks testing positive for COVID-19. But as each day goes by, the amount of new cases shrinks. Today, the number was 71. 0 is preferable, of course, but it’s a good sign.

Today’s new case total @DCHHS @DallasCountyTx is lower than yesterday and every day this week has been lower than the average number of daily cases last week. This is encouraging news. 👍

Clay Jenkins (@JudgeClayJ) April 24, 2020

Coronavirus, Trump & Food Supply -- Eat More Potatoes, America | National Review

Do you see how this makes the usual “Can you believe President Trump said this?” coverage — or its reverse, “You won’t believe that this cable news figure said about Trump!” — seem irrelevant and unimportant? I’d say we have bigger fish to fry, but as you saw above, we can’t even get that fish to the market. We are in the middle of the biggest news story of the century, a problem that touches every single life on the planet and is a threat to just about everyone in one form or another — physically, mentally, economically, socially. And some people can’t break out of their politics-as-usual thinking patterns.

Normal is a long way off.

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