The Covid Chronicles: June 10

June 10, 2020

June 10

  • Dallas County: 12,945 total cases, 300 new cases, and 3 more deaths.

Hey! Long time no blog.

I've been busy this past month or so. I moved! And I've been busy getting that sorted out.

A quick recap...Dallas County was doing okay with a plateau around 250 or so cases until last week, when the cases spike to roughly 290-300. Testing capacity has increased, so those numbers above don't tell the whole story; the true indicators are deaths and hospital admissions for COVID-19.

...that increase continued with 20 more hospitalizations. In Dallas County, we’ve gone from 321 hospitalizations for #COVID19 two days ago to 372 hospitalizations today. These numbers are concerning to the Public Health Committee and we’ll continue to watch them closely.

Clay Jenkins (@JudgeClayJ) June 10, 2020

Of course, we may be in for another spike as we've had our share of protests in the wake of George Floyd's death. We even had a curfew imposed at one point, but activity died down and authorities lifted the curfew.

We’ll have free, no questions asked, testing today at the American Airlines Center for protesters who have been engaged in a mass gathering five days ago or longer from 2-5pm and we’ll do that again tomorrow as well.

Clay Jenkins (@JudgeClayJ) June 10, 2020

I've been following the debate over protesting vs. following social distancing procedures. I'm finding ways to do both, mainly online. The missus and I are still hunkering down and laying low until August, provided another wave of positive cases doesn't crest.

I'll try to get back to tracking daily cases and notable news items as best I can.

The latest headcount from area hospitals:

Data shows the Dallas-Fort Worth area currently has 687 patients hospitalized due to the novel coronavirus.

WFAA (@wfaa) June 10, 2020

What to do when certain staples are in short supply?

PSA in a time of shortages: Skim milk and heavy cream can make any grade of milk, or half and half, that you please. You can find ratios on the web.

Similarly, you can buy gluten to turn all-purpose flour into bread flour, or cut with cornstarch to make cake/pastry flour.

Megan McArdle (@asymmetricinfo) June 10, 2020

You big spenders, you...


Carl Quintanilla (@carlquintanilla) June 10, 2020

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