The Covid Chronicles: June 30

June 30, 2020

June 30

  • Dallas County: 21,338 total cases, 601 new cases, and 20 more deaths.

#BREAKING: Dallas Co is reporting 601 new cases and 20 deaths.

That is both a record for cases in a day and deaths in a day.


William Joy (@WilliamJoy) June 30, 2020

Next door to us is Tarrant County and it's not a good day for them either.

#BREAKING: Tarrant Co is reporting 605 new cases of COVID-19.

Dallas County is reporting 601.

Both are records for the counties.

20 deaths in Dallas Co. 3 in Tarrant.

William Joy (@WilliamJoy) June 30, 2020

Major League Baseball is moving ahead with a shortened season, but the Minors will not be joining them.

2020 Minor League Baseball season shelved

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