Ode to a Lost Bottlecap

January 29, 2023

When I go to a hockey game, I typically spend those 60 minutes of game time nursing a bottle of soda. I had never lost a bottlecap...until this week, when careless misalignment caused the cap to fly off the bottle and into oblivion (read: under another seat). I joked with my wife that I should pen an ode to this wayward cap and that it perhaps found its way to the land where lost socks and Tupperware lids go.

Problem is that I'm no poet. Sure, I can write a rhyming scheme, but I'm ignorant when it comes to proper meter. So I reached out to a poet I knew could help: ChatGPT.

Below is the fruits of our efforts. ChatGPT did the writing and I massaged the text since it had issue with repeating words.

Lost bottlecap, now joined with socks astray And Tupperware lids that wandered far away A band of misfits, traveling the land In search of a place where they can stand

Together they set out, like Argo's crew On a journey to find and pursue With each step they take, they count the days Bonding together, in brotherly ways

But now adrift, like Odysseus' crew Reliving past tales of glory, fleeting as the dew The bottlecap dreams of Mount Olympus' height And the lids and socks, they too long for the sight

But as they roam, they find solace in each other Like the muses of old, they sing and they gather For they are a team, Achilles and Patroclus United in their search, never to be hidden from us.

So here's to the lost, the brave, the few May their journey be filled with hope and virtue For though they're not found, they'll always remain In the hearts of many, like mythic terrain.

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Written by Shawn Borton
Drupal and PHP expert, Christian, rabid Dallas Stars fan, devoted Texas Longhorns alum, lover of libraries, coffee shops, and quiet places.
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