Weekly Reading: Volume 6

February 28, 2021

Why will the important thinkers of the future be religious ones? | Marginal Revolution

First of all, I was led to the point by example. For instance, Ross Douthat and Peter Thiel are two of the most interesting thinkers as of late and they are both religious and Christian. I am also struck by the enduring influence of Rene Girard. I am never quite sure "how intellectually Jewish" are our leading Jewish intellectuals, but somewhat to be sure. Even if they are atheists, they are usually strongly influenced by Jewish intellectual and theological traditions, which indicates a certain power to those traditions.

H/T Martin Gurri

Solve Problems Before They Happen by Developing an "Inner Sense of Captaincy" | Farnam Street

Leaders give us a convenient scapegoat when things go wrong. However, when we assume all responsibility lies with them, we don’t learn from our mistakes. We don’t have “our own personal compass, a direction, a willingness to meet life unmediated by any cushioning parental presence.”

Nvidia Plans to Nerf GPU Crypto Mining Ability | Coindesk

Much of the company's GPU revenue during the last bull market may have also come from crypto miners, rather than gamers.

I've heard from upset folks who are having trouble gettting the latest Nvidia hardware. Though bots are to blame, it could also be these crypto miners.

My Life in E-ink

Reading has been a huge part of my life. The written word has had arguably more of an impact on my life than anything I have experienced in person. As a kid back in early 2000’s; this meant a lot of library trips and saving for paperbacks. I also caught the first wave of the e-ink revolution. Nothing beats a real book, in terms of textures and scents; but e-ink devices and the fantastic tools outlined here should make reading digital books much more palpable.

I might have to borrow some of these ideas for my own workflow, especially when it comes to Calibre.

It took a year, but Gwyneth Paltrow figured out how to exploit the pandemic | Ars Technica

With some early reports suggesting nondescript symptoms like fatigue, it may be hard to untangle cases of long COVID from other health problems. And with the testing barriers in the US, many people might have long COVID who never tested positive for the virus to begin with, creating the challenge for doctors to retroactively diagnose them.

So basically, there’s this enormous new patient population, which is currently so poorly identified and so poorly understood that it could include almost anyone with the vaguest of symptoms.

See the marketing potential here? Gwyneth Paltrow sure does.

New malware found on 30,000 Macs has security pros stumped | Ars Technica

The malware has been found in 153 countries with detections concentrated in the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany. Its use of Amazon Web Services and the Akamai content delivery network ensures the command infrastructure works reliably and also makes blocking the servers harder. Researchers from Red Canary, the security firm that discovered the malware, are calling the malware Silver Sparrow.

If you visit the Red Canary report, you'll see a list of files at the bottom. If you have those files on your system, it is infected.

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