The Covid Chronicles: May 2-3

May 03, 2020

May 2

  • Dallas County: 3,899 total cases, 181 new cases, and 4 deaths.

May 3

  • Dallas County: 4,133 total cases, 234 new cases, and 1 death.

Oh my goodness, this raises all sorts of questions. What We Know—and Still Need to Learn—About Coronavirus and Nicotine - The Dispatch

In response to intriguing data from French scientists showing that smokers are strongly underrepresented among patients with COVID-19 symptoms, French citizens have started to apply nicotine patches to their upper arms. The practice has become so widespread that it created a run on supplies, prompting the government to limit people to one month's supply of patches and require that they be purchased at pharmacies rather than online.

At Overloaded Thrift Shops, Coronavirus Is Wreaking Havoc - Bloomberg

The thrift industry is more important than most Americans realize. Largely out of sight, it employs tens of thousands of people and generates at least $18 billion in annual revenue. It keeps an enormous amount of used stuff out of landfills, and contributes billions each year to social-service and job-training programs that are crucial to communities nationwide.

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