The Covid Chronicles: May 1

May 01, 2020

May 1

  • Dallas County: 3,718 total cases, 187 new cases, and 2 more deaths.

Scratch that, today is the worst day for new cases. But today is the Grand Re-Opening of Texas!

We have seen younger people dying from #COVID19 this week and today’s victims add to that list. All this illustrates why we all must make smart decisions and follow the science to #FlattenTheCurve.

Clay Jenkins (@JudgeClayJ) May 1, 2020

Those rebels.

Bars are not allowed to open Friday under statewide rules laid out by Gov. Greg Abbott. But some in Dallas plan to anyway, a Dallas City Council member said.

WFAA (@wfaa) May 1, 2020

Breathe easy. While You Were Quarantined, National Parks' Air Was Getting Cleaner

Air quality data collected in four major national parks over the past week—Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, and Joshua Tree—shows lower ozone levels than any of the parks had seen over the same period for the last five years. In the Smokies, ozone dropped to 43% below the average; the Grand Canyon recorded a week straight of good air quality, a marked difference from previous years.

Well crap. Poop may tell us when the coronavirus lockdown will end

Initial studies show that sewage monitoring, or “wastewater-based-epidemiology,” could not only tell us how much the virus might actually be spreading in a community — but also when the virus has finally gone away.

Were the Framers willing to use police power to halt a pandemic in its tracks? This paper (PDF link) may shed some light on that.

I'm just including this so I can write "Covid Toe"

So-called "Covid toe" is emerging as yet another possible sign of the new coronavirus, even though U.S. officials have not yet listed it among the symptoms. Some experts say it may reflect a healthy immune response to the virus.

The New York Times (@nytimes) May 1, 2020

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